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Students at both district Middle Schools, Freshman at Valparaiso High School, and Sophomores at Valparaiso High School will each receive a school-issued Chromebook computer to be used in the classroom as well as at home for educational purposes. Teachers will be incorporating computer technology as part of their classroom instruction, assignments, projects, research, and assessment. The Chromebooks can be used offline and many assignments can be downloaded before students leave school if internet access is not available.

Students will receive their Chromebooks on the 1st or 2nd day of school. They will have training sessions discussing Chromebook care, digital citizenship, and the school system's Acceptable Use Policy. There will not be any additional cost to families for use of the Chromebooks; however, students are responsible for the care and replacement cost if their Chromebook is lost, stolen or damaged, just as they would be for any textbook.

This is an exciting time for our middle school students, teachers, and for the Valpo school district. The immediate access to information and the increased use of computers in education will have a beneficial effect on student learning and achievement. This move will help engage students in critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.